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Tooth extractions are recommended treatments for teeth that are irreparable.  Severe decay can damage a tooth to the point where it needs an extraction.  Our Los Angeles dental team provides safe and precise tooth extraction procedures.

Examination and Procedure

To sustain your dental health for the future, an extraction is a necessary procedure.   Before the extraction begins, an examination is performed to evaluate the tooth, gum, and bone structure.   The treated area will then be numbed.  A pain reliever is provided to treat any discomfort.  Patients do have the option of receiving sedation.

The tooth will be carefully removed following the numbing process. While the gums are healing, stitches will be provided to prevent bleeding.  Antibiotics will be used to clean the area and prevent potential infections.

After a successful extraction, it is important to practice recommended procedures to treat pain and keep your teeth in optimal condition.  A cold compress can be placed on your cheek if you experience any discomfort.  Avoid any activities such as drinking from straws, biting, and smoking as you recover from the treatment.

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