What Root Canal Treatments aim to Heal

Root canals treat conditions that affect the central pulp (nerve) tissue inside your tooth.  They treat tooth pain and can be performed using the most comfortable methods.  Dr. Toubian is a specialist in Los Angeles root canal procedures and helps numerous patients recover pain-free teeth.

If the pulp tissue in your tooth is infected or is experiencing inflammation, root canals are a recommended procedure.  This central area is composed of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerve cells that are highly sensitive.  Pain is present when the nerve cells become infected.  The pain eventually disintegrates, but the infection can lead to dental abscess and affect your overall health.

Examination and Procedure

Prior to a root canal, an examination is performed to look for additional problems.  An anesthetic is then provided to numb the tooth and stabilize the area surrounding it.  A small incision is created on the tooth surface, which allows the pulp to be accessed.

Any dead pulp tissue that has been found during the examination will be removed from the passageways.  The chamber and canals are rinsed with antibiotic fluids.  The hole is sealed with a filling and restores the tooth.  You may have increased tooth sensitivity following the procedure.  Pain relievers or prescription medications are available to help manage any discomfort.

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