What Periodontics treats

As a major emergency dental office in Los Angeles, periodontics are an essential specialty of our team. We are dedicated to protecting your dental health from future problems by providing the most effective and relevant periodontal care.

Maintaining excellent dental health starts with what you do at home. Our staff can help you create an effective personal dental hygiene schedule that addresses all facets of your oral health. Your gums are just as important to your teeth. Our professional cleanings remove any waste or bacteria in the gums or spaces where toothbrushes cannot reach.

We Provide High Quality Dental Care

When gum disease is prevalent, there is a high risk present to your dental health. Gum disease can not only affect the health of your teeth, but your overall health as well. Receiving the most experienced, prompt, and proficient periodontal care is important to saving your smile. Our expert Los Angeles periodontics dentist Dr. Katherine Toubian is a skillful provider of treatments that prevent oncoming diseases.

If you are concerned about gum disease or want to learn more about how periodontal treatments can help you, please call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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