An emergency dental event includes an injured tooth, possible jaw damage, or severe pain.  In these events, the best procedure to follow is to remain calm and protect the injured area.  Avoid taking drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen because they can cause increased bleeding.  Pain can be alleviated by taking acetaminophen.

For severe pain, you must come in and see the doctor immediately to determine.  Most patients who experience sudden pain find that a lost filling, damaged crown, broken tooth, or serious infection is the source.  Before seeing the dentist, use ice on the affected area for 10-20 minutes each hour.  If a broken jaw might be the problem, use a towel to secure the jaw in place.

Dr. Toubian is a Los Angeles family dentist and can treat severe problems arising from dental emergencies.  She is equipped with the latest technology to provide a complete emergency dental experience to families.  Her treatments include tooth replacement, extractions, restorations repair, root canal, dental implants, periodontics, and more.

If you have a lost a filling or need to repair a crown, Dr. Toubian offers a number of emergency services to help extend the longevity of dental restorations.  A toothache is another problem that requires consistent and gentle care.  Rinse your mouth with warm water and floss around the affected tooth to remove concealed particles.

The best dentist for your family is located here at our office.  Please see us immediately if you or your family are experiencing a sudden, urgent dental problem.  We are located at 2180 Westwood Blvd Suite 2C, West Los Angeles, CA 90025 and can be called at (310) 904-6739.

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