Dental Implants



Dental implants are essential for resolving one of the most common issues, which is a missing tooth. They consist of a single titanium post which is applied as a replacement of the missing tooth’s root. They become integrated with the surrounding tissue through a process known as osseointegration.

We are experienced in helping patients recover their lost tooth through our dental implants expertise in West Los Angeles. The titanium posts are inserted into your jaw bone and replace the location of the original tooth root. They can be provided to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

After Implantation

 After the titanium post has integrated with natural tissue, the abutment is placed and followed up with the placement of the prosthetic tooth, or crown. The crown acts as the permanent cosmetic restoration. If you are treating multiple missing teeth, a fixed bridge can be built from dental implants. Two implants are attached to either side of a crown and together, are able to replace three continuous teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • They are created from titanium material, which are known to last for years and are non-corrosive.
  • You can eat normally with improved chewing and biting functions.
  • They prevent bone loss and deterioration of the jaw.
  • Adjacent teeth can be stable and held in position.
  • They help prevent gum disease, which can be caused by a gap from a missing tooth.
  • They reduce the chances of facial sagging and appearance of aging

After Care

 After successful treatment, it is important to follow up with the recommended care and maintenance to ensure the expected results. Dental implants can lose their stability if you do not adequately maintain them. Brush and floss your teeth as normal and schedule visits to the doctor. Your new smile can be sustained for years with the right level of care.

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