Restore your Teeth with Dental Crowns

A dental crown is applied to restore any teeth that have experienced decay or damage. They are comfortably fitted over your teeth and do not require any invasive preparation procedures. The crowns fit over the entirety of your tooth surface. At our Los Angeles practice, we offer the highest quality crowns and bridge restorations.

A tooth can lose enamel as the result of physical damage or decay. Crowns are necessary in this case to reinforce the strength of the teeth and allow normal functions to occur. Crowns are composed of ceramic material, which allow them to provide in appearance that blends with your natural teeth.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Dental crowns are applied in two or three visits. The teeth are re-shaped in order for the crowns to be fitted correctly. If previous damage has occurred, a filling may be provided to support the tooth for the crown. The design of the crown is based on impressions created from your original teeth. The permanent crown is then fitted during the second visit.

For the restoration of multiple missing teeth, bridges are popular options. They are composed of multiple crowns bonded together. The bridge fills the gap and provides a cosmetic, as well as functional, restoration. They do require maintenance, which means it is important to remain dedicated to your brushing and flossing routine.

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You can visit the doctor for post-opt procedures and professional cleanings to assist in the maintenance of your bridges. If you have a tendency to grind your teeth, night guards can be worn to prevent this and protect the bridges.

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