Emergency Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

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Root Canal

Emergency root canal procedures can be performed if necessary.

Dental Crown

Dental crowns can be repaired and replaced by our dentist.

Tooth Extraction

Emergency extractions can be performed by our skilled dentist.

Dental Emergency

Dr. Toubian utilizes the latest advancements to treat her patients.

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Welcome to Los Angeles Emergency Dentist!

Our commitment to serving patients extends towards providing the care they need in emergency situations. Dr. Katherine Toubian is an emergency dentist who provides outstanding care to communities around Los Angeles and Westwood. We share in her vision to make the highest quality of emergency care available to patients.

We evaluate and treat numerous emergency dental concerns. Most patients are likely to experience a case during their lifetime, whether it is a knocked out tooth, severe decay, gum deterioration, or intense pain. We specialize in a number of treatments that address these concerns and provide them in a prompt and effective manner. Under emergency conditions, the health of your teeth is on limited time – it is important to receive the best care as soon as possible.

"Dr. Toubian was truly a one of a kind dentist and my only problem was that I couldn't find her sooner! I needed major dental work done after experiencing terrible pain. She took care of my problem with a simple root canal that ended up being more comfortable than I thought. I couldn't thank her enough for the work she did!"

Jennifer B.

Gentle and Proficient Care

If you’re smile is jeopardized by severe health concerns, you have our office to turn to for comprehensive and profound emergency dental care. Let our staff take care of your immediate needs and have your smile restored by the experienced care of Dr. Toubian.

Having an experienced emergency dentist by your side is invaluable to helping you maintain a healthy and natural-looking smile. Call our office If you are experiencing a sudden dental problem and receive the most timely care.